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You Give Job You Give Job

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Awesome job

I'm not entirely sure what a "tarrist" is, perhaps someone who tars things? My guess is "terrorist" was the word which eluded the fine reviewer below me. I believe the author here is Armenian so it's probably a fair guess that he is not speaking a "tarrist" language. If you don't know what any country outside of your own is, I suggest you avoid jumping to conclusions and remember that anyone can be a terrorist. Why does everyone always forget people like Timothy McVeigh or Theodore Kaczynski...aren't they worse to have attacked their own people?

That said, I think this flash is fantastic. I even come back every few days to vote it a 5. Beautifully animated, excellent voice acting, and a great sense of humor. It's nice to see things on this site that don't involve "wacky," random humor filled with dick jokes. The art of good storytelling with plot, pacing, and well-timed jokes is a rarity on this site so keep up the good work! Flash animations like this are the reason I keep coming back!

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Sykohyko responds:

thanks for clearing that up :)

Tiddlywank Tiddlywank

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was exactly like watching an episode of DBZ. Except with squirrels. Tedious, repetitive, and full of ridiculous jargon. Not to mention 90% of it is watching someone power up. Perfect.

Life Lessons With DWARF Life Lessons With DWARF

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I know this is pointless, but here it is anyway...

So before I get the expected response(s) to this saying that I just don't like the flash because of it's message let me say this: I get the humor here. It's kind of funny. It's nothing new, original, or even that creative, but I get it and can sort of chuckle. Honestly, the pages of ridiculous reviews full of exaggerated male bravado are more amusing.

What bothers me is the fact that a flash with *very* limited animation gets a 10, review after review, is mind boggling. And I don't mean just this film, I feel the same about every one of the "sacred" clock crew films. You just draw a static object, put a circle on the front, wiggle an arrow next to it, record a computerized voice and you have instant NG praise and success! I know humor is part of the consideration, but how can *everyone* overlook the substandard animation here?? The few people who have pointed this out have "useless" reviews of course (because everybody MUST love the clock crew), but in the end there are some scratchy lines, a fire (not animated or drawn by the artist) and an ornate clock hand (not drawn by the artist) that move on screen. The background is made up of stock images also not drawn by the artist. I'm sure it was very difficult to find images on the internet and then Photoshop them from their backgrounds.

I know this can all be considered a stylistic choice, which it may very well be, but it feels more like a short cut. To me, the clock crew films seem sort of "If we make them clocks, they won't be expected to move or have mouths so we won't have to synch lips or draw any walking cycles! We just have to draw one, barely changing picture of a character and sometimes it won't even need to change at all!" I'm not saying every flash has to be a masterpiece, but in this piece the artist essentially drew a gnome that doesn't move and recorded a voice. The sound quality is good, don't get me wrong, but to me this might as well have been an audio submission.

I'm not trying to completely dismiss this piece. I think it has an interesting style to it, good audio, and passable humor. The (one) drawing is pretty good too and I know flash isn't the easiest thing in the world. But to give it a 10? Can anyone truly think it deserves a full 10? It's just another flash with a high score because somebody's in the clock crew.

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Twilight: The Broodening Twilight: The Broodening

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Very Funny

I really enjoyed this. You are dead-on about the illogical points of the film. At least to someone like me who hasn't seen or read Twilight. Either way, very funny. I love the voice acting, timing, and the way you synched the images with the audio. It's very funny and well written.

Just a personal pet peeve, based on my own interest in vampire mythology, you can't really criticize using "common knowledge" vampire traits as a basis. ("Useless" this review to your hearts' content.) The original folklore legends vary widely. For example people killed vampires using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, a stake through the heart, a brick shoved in a corpse's mouth, or some even put scythes in the coffin to cut off the head of any vampire who tried to rise. And the same way the folklore doesn't agree, every book has a different take on what vampires are, what they are capable of, etc. I'm not saying glitter vampires is a cool idea or anything, but I've yet to read any two vampire books with the same "type" of creatures and you have to give the author credit for at least trying something new...however lame it may be.

Either way, this was good. It makes me feel like I might need to watch Twilight now for a good laugh though...

Global Trash Global Trash

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Cute, but...

Honestly, I found this excruciating to watch. It's cute and a good story, but it is very, very slow. Even if you chose to show what steps are being taken to make things, there is no need to show it that slowly. I do really like the style and the idea behind it though. Just several things could be shortened or cut out to pick up the pace. For example, there's no real need for us to know the character's names, which would eliminate the "introduction" portions. As it is, I don't know that too many people outside of Newgrounds would watch the entire thing, which means the message won't get through. But overall great animation, very smooth. Just try to work on your pacing. :)

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Ghost Crush. Ghost Crush.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wish I could vote higher than 5!

This is the most awesome thing I've seen in awhile. The animation is smooth and the style is really cool. Love it!

Extinction Friction - T.P Extinction Friction - T.P

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Repetitive and boring just don't cover it. I thought it would never end but I have to watch things through to rate them. We've all heard about global warming by now so maybe you could try not sitting in *your* computer chair, making animations, saying you will do things.

ASP responds:

I never said I was doing things.

But...yea, I agree with the length, even though the time flies by me every time.

Jeffery Jeffery

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

David Firth meets Fight Club??

I agree with notorious- this is practically the same exact animation as "Roof Tiling." The story, look, style, characterization, and basic idea are the same. And just like "Fight Club," the main character, realizing the evil is all in his head, shoots himself. Only difference is this guy didn't live.

I think your overall ability is there, you just need to try for a better and more original story. And lastly, the static was a bit distracting...less of it would have more impact. When static comes it's supposed to be disorientating, but if it's used very frequently, it loses all impact.

Everyday Everyday

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful Work

I really liked this. I loved the way it told a story in such a short time and the style is amazing. The music was a bit fuzzy, but still good. My only question is what song is this?

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